The Zimadevushka is a dangerous woman of the ice and snow in Russian myth. 'Zima' means winter and 'devushka' means Girl. There is a male version called a Zimamalchik.

Myths & Legends


The Zimadevushka will appear as a beautiful woman with blue eyes and hair of any color/length. Their true appearance is of a tall, slim woman with long white hair with pastel blue streaks and china white skin.

Hunting and Feeding

The Zimadevushka will approach a man in winter and then smile at a him and let him see her beauty. Then she will walk away. The man, entranced, will follow her out of curiosity, only to be led to an extremely cold mountain. Once the man has followed her far enough into the mountain, she will turn around and breathe out. Her ice-cold breath will cause her prey to instantly die of hypothermia, though he will see a brief flash of her true appearance before death. The Zimidevushka will then feed on his corpse until there is only bones left. Then she will freeze the skeleton and hide it. She then pretends to be a doctor and approaches his family, saying with fake sorrow that the man was found dead in the snow of a mountain and she'd done everything she could to help him, but it hadn't been enough. After that's done, she finds her next victim.


  • Charm/Allure
  • Freezing Breath
  • Human Appearance
  • Immune to Cold

How to Stay Safe

The Zimidevushka will hibernate during Summer, so this is the best time to go outside. In Winter, stay inside as it is their hunting season.

If you do come across one, try to reject her charm. When she approaches you, just try and think over and over again, "I do not know this woman. She could be married." Over and over, until she is gone.

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