I would've gotten to my introduction last night, but it was late and I had no straight thoughts going through my head. But it's the morning now, and I have some coffee to keep me charged. So let's begin with my introduction, shall we?

I'm Ken, but you'll come to know me as Kenwood. I joined this wiki after I noticed a small spelling error on the flying Dutchman page late last night, so I decided to join the wiki, and hey, I figured why not stick around and do somethings on this website, get to know the community around here, make some new friends, and all that jazz.

In my spare time, I love to roleplay on the formspring website, along with a forum called the Bitlands. Though I stop to make some awful doodles here and there, while finding time to play some video games on Steam.

I can be contacted via my Tumblr, or my Skype and Steam. And if you need to contact me privately those are the ways.

I already have a link to my Tumblr on my homepage, and my Skype is Kenwoodrulez, or Sootly V. Czarstar* while my Steam is Android Morgan Freeman (Could be some form of capitilization variation, I don't know. People have a hard time finding my Steam, sometimes.)

And that, my friends, is all I can see to explain, I look forward to getting to know all of you.

  • My Skype nickname is due to change, so contact me via Tumblr, or Steam if you can't find my Skype.
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