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  • ISodium

    Spam and such

    February 27, 2012 by ISodium

    Just to remind our fellow unregistered users and registered users to not tarnish the wiki by removing content, adding gibberish or nonsense, inserting profanity, and just plain being a dick (yeah, you heard me). The policy has been updated to combat this behavior on the wiki. As of yesterday, anyone, especially unregistered users, who wish to ruin our database will be blocked.

    The chart below will show you how you are punished if you break our rules. This chart is also available on the policy page:

    Offense Punishment
    1st Offense
    • 1 week banishment warning punishment is issued (exceptions are subject to happen)
    • If the first offense is because of harassment or anything remotely related to that, then they can be blocked for good.

    2nd Offense
    • 1 or 2 w…

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  • ISodium

    Fellow users and readers of Mythology Wiki, I would like to announce a new project to translate Mythology Wiki in other languages besides English. We hope to have the main languages such as French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and other main and minor languages too. However, we cannot build these foreign sites alone and need anyone who is an expert at translating to help. We would like to start up/help out these sites as soon as possible and start translating our articles here. Please discuss below in the comments section!

    These are a list of foreign Mythology Wikis that already exist, help the smaller ones out.

    • Mitikapedia (Spanish)
    • Wiki Mythologie (French)
    • Wiki Mitologia (Italian)
    • Mythologie Wiki (German)
    • Wiki Mitologia (Polish)
    • Mitologia Wiki (P…

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  • ISodium

    Hey fellow users of Mythology Wiki, the wiki is now under the control of ISodium and and Mrwhoman. All current projects going on will go relatively unchanged, though there will be changes in design, style, and among other things. So tell us your thoughts on this topic below in the comments or you can contact us via our talk pages.

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