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  • ISodium

    Infobox revamp preview!

    November 1, 2012 by ISodium

    I've made a new redesign for the wiki's infoboxes. In the coming days/weeks, this new design will take over for all existing infobox templates. It will have minor tweaks in the next couple days, but the overall design is final. View it here! Please provide some feedback!

    Improvements made:

    • Links to affiliated wiki restored and fixed its problems
    • Smaller sized font, width of box, and image size reduced from 250px to 150px
    • Transparency so you can see the background behind it!
    • Actual "caption" field added (the "Title" field was used as a substitute before by some users)
    • Language field added (for example, you can put the Greek name of Zeus, Ζεύς, in there and so on with other languages and such)
    • That and a few more minor improvements!
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  • ISodium


    October 17, 2012 by ISodium

    In order to celebrate Halloween, we have updated our logo and wiki style in the Oasis skin only to have halloweeny colors. All we need is a cool, slick mythology/paganism and halloween-related background picture. We hope to enter this year's Wikia halloween contest so please suggest a background if you can.

    EDIT: We are set to rock and roll. In other words, we have a background and have signed up for the Halloween contest.

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  • ISodium

    Hey guys, I just wanted to quickly share with y'all that, thanks to the new Promote feature, I was able to get our wiki on Wikia's main page. Though it took a few minutes of refreshing, I finally managed to find it. Hopefully it'll attract more users to our beloved wiki.

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  • ISodium

    Hey, Mythology Wiki users! I will start scheduled times where I will be available to be chatted with on the wiki's Live Chat. During these scheduled sessions, you may ask any questions regarding the wiki or other Wikia wikis and/or just chat with me and get to know me better. I will post new schedules either daily or weekly so pay attention to my blog if you're interested. Also keep in mind that all times are eastern standard time (EST), so please make sure that if you're in a different time zone to make the necessary conversions so that you have the correct time. Also also keep in mind that I may not be able to make it and in that case I will post a blog post with cancelled times before the scheduled session.

    • July 7, 2012 (tonight): 11:00 P…
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  • ISodium

    Expanding our topic

    May 8, 2012 by ISodium

    As many of you obivously know, Mythology Wiki is an online resource dedicated to having the utmost best information on mythology, legends, and folklore. Now Mythology Wiki is expanding its topic to have information not just on the previously stated subjects, but also on these subjects' impact on modern popular culture (pop culture). We will have information on modern literature, television programming, comics, films, video games, and other media that are heavily influenced by mythology, legends, and folklore. We will not provide too depth of a coverage upon these subjects (such as individual pages for video game characters will not be available) and suggest that the readers search for better coverage upon them on wikis specifically dedicat…

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