This article is about the city in Asia Minor. For the 2004 film of the same name, see Troy (2004 film).

Troy, Troy VII is the city assumed to be Priam's capital

Troy (named also Ilion, or Illium) was a city located in Asia Minor. The city of Greek myth was based on a real city. The city itself was an impenetrable fortress that may have been a match for armies even now. Two main walls stood 150 feet high and 50 feet thick. The Greeks never penetrated the wall until their infamous horse maneuver.

Troy was ransacked and destroyed by the Greeks before they left. They took all the women as concubines and killed every man, regardless of age; Neoptolemus hurled Hector’s two year old son, Astyanax, from the top of the city wall.

Rulers of Troy, Ida and Dardania

Hector with Paris and Helen, whom Paris stole from Sparta

Rulers of Troy

A family tree explaining the relations between the kings of Troy, Dardania and Alba Longa


  1. Dardanus, son of Zeus and Electra
  2. Erichthonius, son of Dardanus
  3. Tros, son of Erichthonius
  4. Ilus, son of Tros , brother of King Assarcus of Dardania
  5. Laomedon, son of Ilus
  6. Priam, son of Laomedon, married to Hecuba
  7. Hector, heir to the throne

Rulers of Ida


  1. Lycaon, son of Priam of Troy
  2. Pandarus, son of Lycaon

Rulers of Dardania


  1. Dardanus, son of Zeus and Electra
  2. Erichthonius, son of Dardanus
  3. Tros, son of Erichthonius
  4. Assarcus, son of Tros, brother of King Ilus of Troy
  5. Capys, son of Assarcus , son-in-law of Ilus, married to Themiste
  6. Anchises , son of Capys and Themiste, cousin of King Priam of Troy, married to Aphrodite

Rulers of Alba Longa


  1. Aeneas, son fof Anchises and Aphrodite, son-in-law of King Priam of Troy, married to Creusa, son-in-law of King Latinus of the Latins , married to Lavinia
  2. Ascanius, son of Aeneas and Creusa
  3. Aeneas Silvius, son of Aeneas and Lavinia
  4. Latinus Silvius, son of Aeneas Silvius

    Aeneas flees Troy with Anchises, Ascanius and Creusa

  5. Alba, son of Latinus Silvius
  6. Atys, son of Alba

  1. Capys, son of Atys
  2. Capetus, son of Capys
  3. Tiberinus Silvius, son of Capetus
  4. Agrippa, son of Tiberinus Silvius
  5. Romulus Silvius, son of Agrippa
  6. Aventinus, son of Romulus Silvius
  7. Procas, son of Aventinus
  8. Numitor, son of Procas, grandfather of Romulus and Remus , father of Rhea Silva
  9. Amulius, son of Procas, usurped the throne from Numitor, his brother

    Ganymede abducted by Zeus in the form of an eagle

Descendants of Priam


  1. Hector, married to Andromache
    1. Astyanax, son of Hector
  2. Paris, married to Oenone
    1. Corythus
  3. Deiphobus
  4. Helenus
  5. Polydorus
  6. Troilus
  7. Polites
  8. Antiphus
  9. Aesacus


  1. Cassandra
  2. Laodice
  3. Creusa (m. Aeneas)Ascanius

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