• I'm analysing The afternoon of a faun music now, that's why I read this wiki about the faun

    Our professor said the faun is an erotic creature, sexual and so on and I'm wondering why it's left out that the faun is a erotic being. A creature with horns that dreams about nymfs.

    And another thing I have been wondering about for a long time regarding Narnia- it seems odd that the Faun is a little girls friend... Is she his nymfe?

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    • It's left out on that page as this wiki is still a growing resource and many pages do not have enough information as they should due to an inactive userbase.

      Well, Narnia is a modern version of creatures from mythology and fantasy. It doesn't follow traditional mythological depictions. The faun is not portrayed as erotic in Narnia like in the Ancient Greek/Roman mythology. So no, the little girl is not the nymph of him. Additionally, she is a human and not a nymph because nymphs are divine deities. They're similar to goddesses but have many differences between them. As far as I know, the little girl doesn't exhibit any of these qualities.

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    • The Satyrs portrayed in Chronicles of Narnia are actually more akin to the original portrayal of Fauns. 

      Oh and ISodium.  You don't have to say "divine dieties".  It's a little redundant, kind of like saying; "poor Cub season".  LOL

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