Sandhya (Saranyu) Saranya (also known as Sanjana, Sangna, Randal, Ravi Randal) is the wife of Surya, the twin of Trisiras and the goddess of Clouds in Hindu mythology,the mother of Revanta and the twin Asvins (the indian Dioscuri). She is also the mother of Manu, and of the twins Yama and Yami According to Farnell, the meaning of the epithet is to be sought in the original conception of Erinyes, which was akin to Gaia.

Saranyu is the female form of the adjective Saranyu, meaning "quick, fleet, nimble", used for the rivers and wind in the Rigveda (compare also Sarayu).

Saranyu has been described as "the swif-speeding storm clouds".

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