Ramidreju Ed Kwong

Ed Kwong's depiction of the Ramidreju

The Ramidreju is a green, weasel-like creature originating from Cantabrian mythology, with magical all healing fur and a penchant for digging up treasures.


The Ramidreju is described as a cross between weasel and marten, yet longer, like a snake; and possesing a hog or boar-like head, with long tusks for digging the earth. It sports a green fur coating, usually striped black; and yellow eyes, although these last two details vary.


Ramidrejus are born only once every hundred years, and dig deep, extensive burrows with their tusks, often going after and unearthing gold and treasures. This creature's fur has magical properties, acting as an all healing panacea, and produces a bilis drunk by the Anjanas inhabiting the Cierza valley in Cantabria, Spain.

Similar and related myths

  • The Monuca, another marten hybrid of cantabrian mythology.


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