Peridot is a stone and a valuable gem that is most of the time a light green.


The peridot is a symbol of friendship, creativity, intelligence, kindness and good luck. In Hawaiian legends the Peridot is said to be the tears of the volcanic goddess Pele because of the stories the stones have been given the name Pele's Tears. Peridot's are also seem as a gem of light and the Egyptians made this stone as a symbol for the sun. The peridot gem is also a symbol of strength, loyalty, faithfulness, caring, success and a love for nature. It is also believed to keep evil away and nightmares as well.

It is also seem as a gem of good health, healing and compassion. Peridot is the birthstone for august it is also a symbol for people who are a good judge of character do to the fact it's believed to keep evil away. Because of the positive traits are seen with the symbols of the stone is seen as a reflection of the owners traits. Another one of the symbols that the stone has is helpfulness. Because it is a symbol for strength it is also seen to represent a person who has been through a hard life which is why it has so many positive things about it because it is seen as helpful to the owner of a peridot. It also represents wealth because it's believed to have good luck and while it brings wealth to people most of the time those who do own this don't care about well. It is also a symbol of joy, positivity, sympathy, empathy and it is strongly tied to a person's spritaul view and connect that they have to things.

A peridot represents a symbol of a person's true nature making it a stone of truth. So because of the peridot is a symbol of strength and wealth it was used by many rulers in ancient egypt also wealthy people in the medieval times of Christianity. Peridots bring success and wealth to the owner because they work hard to get those things. It is also known by another name which is called the Evening Emerald do to the shine it gives when the evening sun, the moon or stars shine on it. This gem is also believed to have inner vision meaning it and the owner can see into a person's soul which is the reason why it can keep evil away which means who ever has one of these is a good judge of character.

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