Parvati is known for divine strength and power; her dominion is over love, marriage, and fertility. In the Shaktidharma denomination her form as Kali is revered as the supreme Destructrix in the cycle of ages (mahayuga). Parvati is the Daughter of Himavan, the consort to Shiva the Destroyer, as well as the mother of Ganes, the Narmada River, and Kartikeya. She is also the Sister of Vishnu and Ganga. She is known by epithets such as Mother Goddess and Goddess with Creative Power. Parvati is especially known for the different forms she has taken; such include Durga, Uma, and of course the aformentioned Kali. Parvati as the Destructrix is one third of the Tridevi, along with Brahmi the Creatrix and Laxmi the Preservatrix.

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