The Opinicus is a unique creature sometimes seen in the Heraldic art of the Middle Ages.

Myths & Legends

The Opinicus was said to stalk the city streets of London after dark, swooping down from the blackened night sky of the British Isles, however it is not thought to harm humans. In fact the Opinicus was thought to be a shy and nocturnal herbivore, often encountered by the homeless as the animal swooped out of the sky to feed on left over fruits and vegetables often found in the alleys behind markets.

During the Middle Ages, Arab traders where said to have deceived pillaging crusaders by giving them Coconuts and antelope horns claiming that they were the eggs and horns of the Opinicus. They where also thought to have told occupying European forces tales of the Opinicus being able to swoop down out of the darkness and snatch animals as large as baby elephants in their mighty talon.


It is described as having a long, serpentine like body, the powerful clawed paws and muscular legs of a lion, the head, neck and wings of an eagle and the short tail of a camel. The Opinicus were said to be born without wings which reportedly develop over the course of the creatures life.

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