The Nemean lion (In Greek: Λέων τῆς Νεμέας (Léōn tēs Neméas); Latin: Leo Nemaeus) was a monster in Greek mythology that resided at Nemea. It is said that the Nemean Lion could not be killed with mortal weapons because of its golden fur which gave him imperviousness to attacks. The creature's claws were sharper than conventional swords and could cut through any armor.

It was said to have had great cunning, further emphasized by it's capacity to shapeshift into the women in distress that it kidnapped from other cities, tricking would-be slayers to lower their guard in its lair before devouring them and later offer their bones to Hades.

The Nemean Lion is usually considered to have been the offspring of Typhon and Echidna; other origins states that the lion fell from the moon as the offspring of Zeus and Selene, or that he was born of the Chimera.

The Nemean lion was sent to Nemea in the Peloponnesus to terrorize the city. It was ultimately slain by Heracles (Hercules) as part of the first labour, which earned him the Nemean Lion's hide.

In Popular Culture

Video games

  • Nemean Lions appear in Hero of Sparta II. In the game they are enchanted monsters, immortal to direct attacks.
  • The Nemean Lion is one the many foes Orpheus must face in the side-scrolling video game The Battle of Olympus.


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