In order (left to right): Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha and Brihaspati

In order (left to right): Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu

The Navagrahas ("nine influencers") are the classical planets of Hindu mythology. They influence humanity similarly to the zodiac.


Surya is the sun god. He represents kingship, fatherhood and the soul. His associated colour is gold. His associated element is fire. His associated day is Sunday. His associated direction is east.


Chandra is the moon god. He represents queenship, motherhood and the mind. His colour is silver. His element is water. His day is Monday. His direction is northwest.


Mangala is the god of Mars. His colour is red. His element is fire. His day is Tuesday. His direction is south.


Budha is the god of Mercury. His colour is green. His element is earth. His day is Wednesday. His direction is north.


Brihaspati is the god of Jupiter. His colour is yellow. His element is Aether. His day is Thursday. His direction is northeast.


Shukra is the god of Venus. His colour is white. His element is water. His day is Friday. His direction is southeast.


Shani is the god of Saturn. His colour is black. His element is air. His day is Saturday. His direction is west.


Rahu sit the asura of the north lunar node. His colour is blue. His element is air. He has no associated day. His direction is southwest.


Ketu is the asura of the south lunar node. His colour is grey. His element is earth. He has no associated day or direction.


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