The Monuca is a wildcat-marten hybrid with curious fur coloring originating from Cantabrian mythology. According to legend, this blood-sucking animal brings luck and is friendly towards men, yet is highly aggressive towards women.

Myths & Legends

The monuca is rare, being born during spring once every 11 years from the cross of a male wildcat and a female marten, which will birth a single blind monuca kit in a cave. Still blind and as soon as it is capable of moving, the monuca will leave and wander the forest for days, returning to it's cave once it gains sight, only to blind and kill it's mother, suck it's blood and then leave again. Once the wildcat finds out, it will swear revenge and hunt down the monuca.

After this, it will nest near rivers, and hunt birds and bugs on meadows, mostly grasshoppers and turtledoves, and will sometimes suck the blood from lambs and children, gaining it's colored coat during this time. The monuca grows throughout most of it's life, usually becoming too big to run or climb trees around five years of age. Once it reaches this point, it will be easier for the wildcat to catch it, exacting revenge by blinding the monuca and leaving it to it's grisly fate: either falling down some cliff or becoming helpless prey to some other animal.


Artist's Rendering of a monuca

The monuca mostly resembles a marten with feline traits, it's most distinctive feature being it's white head, purple tail and a red, blue and black body; however, it is born colorless, and will only gain this coat later in life.

Black and white variant

Some Monucas will instead kill their father the wildcat, and turn completely black and white. In this case, it will be the marten that swears revenge, hunting down the monuca and eating its legs.

Purple crowned white variant

Every century, a single special monuca will be born, fully white except for a red spot on it's back with a purple crown shape on it. This particular monuca can only be killed by sticking a needle on said crown.

Interaction with humans

The monuca has an high aversion towards all females, and will outright attack and try to claw out the eyes of any women who approach, like it once did with it's mother. Coupled with it's vampiric preying upon children and cattle, its behavior is comparatively docile towards men, though still elusive. It's friendliness will show in full if caught and brought home, as it will grant men a life-time of good luck.

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