Megara as portrayed in Disney's Hercules

This article is about the wife of Heracles. For the inhabitants of the city of Megara, see Megarians. For the erinys, see Megaera

Megara was the daughter of Creon, regent (later king) of Thebes. In return for Heracles' help, she was give to him as a wife. When Hera saw that Heracles was happy, she struck him with a temporary madness. He killed his children (in some accounts, Megara too) and in remorse, he performed twelver labours. In other accounts, she was later wed to Iolaus (Heracles' nephew) after her first husband left Thebes.

In Popular Culture

  • Megara is depicted in Disney's 1997 animated film Hercules. She later falls in love with the hero, despite having sworn her soul to Hades in return for her previous lover's life (she grew skeptical of love when she was betrayed by him). She has one song; I Won't Say I'm in Love, which she sings with five of the Muses. She later dies for Hercules, but he rescues her from the Underworld. This story mirrors the tale of Admetus and Alcestis.
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