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The death of Sarpedon II during the Trojan War

The Lycians lived in Lycia, near the southern coast of Anatolia.


  1. Sarpedon, son of Asterion of Crete
  2. Lycus, son of Pandion II of Athens, son-in-law of Sarpedon, brother of Nisos of Megara and Aegeus of Athens
  3. Iobates, son of Lycus
  4. Amphianax, son of Iobates
  5. Hippolochus, maternal nephew of Ammphianax, son of Bellerophon of Corinth
  6. Sarpedon, maternal nephew of Hippolochus, son of Zeus, led the Lycians in support of Troy during the War
  7. Glaucus, son of Hippolochus, led the Lycians in support of Troy during the War
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