Odin (Old Norse Óðinn), the chief god of Norse mythology, was referred to by more than 200 names in the skaldic and Eddic traditions.

Then said Gangleri: "Exceeding many names have ye given him; and, by my faith, it must indeed be a goodly wit that knows all the lore and the examples of what chances have brought about each of these names." Then Hárr made answer: "It is truly a vast sum of knowledge to gather together and set forth fittingly. But it is briefest to tell thee that most of his names have been given him by reason of this chance: there being so many branches of tongues in the world, all peoples believed that it was needful for them to turn his name into their own tongue, by which they might the better invoke him and entreat him on their own behalf. But some occasions for these names arose in his wanderings; and that matter is recorded in tales. Nor canst thou ever be called a wise man if thou shalt not be able to tell of those great events." Gylfaginning, XX, Brodeur's translation


Name (Old Norse) Name (Anglicised) Meaning
Aldaföðr Aldafodr Father of men
Aldagautr - Gautr of men
Alföðr Alfodr/Allfather Father of all
Algingautr - The aged Gautr
Angan Friggjar - Delight of Frigga
Arnhöfði Arnhofdi Eagle head
Atriðr Atridr Attacking rider
Asagrim - Lord of the Aesir
Auðun Audun Friend of wealth
Bági ulfs - Enemy of the wolf
Baldrsfaðr Baldrsfadr Baldr's father
Báleygr - Flaming eye
Biflindi - Spear shaker/Shield shaker
Bileygr - Flashing eye
Blindr - Blind
Brúni - Brown/Bear
Böðgæðir Bodgaedir Battle enhancer
Bölverkr Bolverkr Bale-worker/Evil-worker
Bróðir Vilis Brodir Vilis Vili's brother
Burr Bors - Borr's son
Darraðr Darradr Spearman
Draugadróttinn - Lord of the undead
Ennibrattr - High forehead/Straight forehead
Eylúðr - The ever-booming
Faðmbyggvir Friggjar Fadmbyggvir Friggjar Dweller in Frigg's embrace
Faðr galdr Fadr galdr Father of magical songs
Farmagnuðr Farmagnudr Journey enhancer
Farmaguð Farmagud God of cargo
Farmr arma Gunnlaðar Farmr arma Gunnladr Burden of Gunnlöð's arms
Fengr - Fetcher
Fimbultýr - Mighty god
Fimbulþulr Fimbulthuler Mighty thuler
Fjallgeiguðr Fjallgeigudr Shap-shifting god
Fjölnir Fjolnir Wise one
Fjölsviðr Fjolsvidr Very wise
Foldardróttinn Foldardrottinn Lord of the Earth
Forni - Ancient one
Fráríðr Frarifdr One who rides forth
Frumverr Friggjar - First husband of Frigg
Galdraföðr Galdrafodr Father of magical songs
Gangari/Ganglari - Wanderer/Wayweary one
Gapþrosnir Gapthrosnir The one in the gaping frenzy
Gautatýr - God of the Geats
Geirlöðnir - Spear inviter
Geirölnir - Spear charger
Geirtýr - Spear god
Geirvaldr - Spear master
Gestumblindi - Blind guest
Glapsviðr Glapsvidr Swift trickery/Swift in deceit/Maddener/Wise in magical spells
Goði hrafnblóts Godi hrafnblots Goði of raven offerings
Goðjaðarr Godjadarr God protector
Göllnir/Göllungr - Yeller
Göndlir - Wand-bearer
Gramr Hliðskjálfar Gramr Hlidskjalfar King of the Hliðskjálf
Grímnir - Hooded one
Gunnblindi - Battle blinder
Hagvirkr - Skillful worker
Hangadróttinn - Lord of the hanged
Hangatýr - God of the hanged
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