Phlegyas ferries the boat in Dante's Inferno

The Lapiths were a peoples of northern Greece. They were perpetually at war with the Centaurs, their kin. Their rulers; Phlegyas, Ixion and Peirithous, were notorius criminals and evil-doers.

The Centauromachy; the war between the Lapiths and Centaurs sparked at Peirithous' wedding, when Eurytion, a drunk centaur, tried to rape the bride



  1. Lapithes, son of Apollo and Stilbe, father-in-law of King Amylcas of Sparta
  2. Phorbas, son of Lapithes
  3. Periphas, son of Lapithes
  4. Antion, son of Periphas
  5. Phlegyas, son of Antion, father of Coronis (mother of Asclepius by Apollo), known for torching the temple of Apollo in revenge for the killing of Coronis
  6. Ixion, son of Phlegyas, killed his father-in-law and tried to rape Hera, punished eternally in Tartarus by being chained to a wheel that continously

    Ixion, chained to his wheel

  7. Peirithous, son of Ixion, tried to abduct Persephone and is stuck to a wall in the Underworld
  8. Coronus, grandson of Antion
  9. Leonteos, son of Coronus, led the Lapiths in the Trojan War

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