The Labours of Hercules are a set of twelve tasks which the demigod hero had enforced on him as penance for accidentally murdering his family under a spell of insanity induced by Hera, the queen of the gods.


1.Slay the Nemean Lion

A savage lion is terrorising the inhabitants of the town of Nemea. Not only is the beast extremely savage, but its golden fur is as strong as steel and invulnerable to human weapons. Hercules tracks the lion down to its cave and through brute strength alone does he manage to defeat it. After killing the lion, Hercules skins it and adopts its hide as his armour.

2. Kill the Lernaean Hydra

Near the town of Lerna is a swamp that is the home of the Hydra, a giant nine-headed snake with a venomous breath, which only emerges to attack the townspeople. The monster is one of the children of Echidna and Typhon and has been raised by Hera just to fight Hercules. The hero arrives in Lerna with his nephew and fires burning arrows into the monster's lair to lure it out it into the open. The Hydra attacks and Hercules begins chopping its heads off, only to discover that they sprout back each time they are severed. Hercules's nephew steps in and uses a torch to burn off the stumps and prevent the heads growing back. The final head is immortal, so Hercules uses his bare hands to rip it off and buries it. When the Hydra has been killed, Hercules dips his arrowheads into its blood, making them poisonous.

3. Capture the Ceryneian Hind

Sacred to the goddess Artemis, this deer has antlers made of gold and could run faster than a flying arrow. Hercules spends an entire year in pursuit of it until he finally manages to capture the deer. Artemis is enraged when she finds out about this but when Hercules informs her of the circumstances, she is softened and allows him to take the deer, on the condition that he releases it soon after. Hercules takes the deer to Eurystheus and, true to his word, later on releases it.

4. Capture the Erymanthian Boar

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