Kuzenbo (also known as Kyusenbo or Kusenbo) was the leader of the Kuzenbo clan of Kappa, a clan that lived in Kumagawa.

Myths & Legends

They caused lots of mischief and kidnapped many people, so Katō Kiyomasa went to battle them and defeat Kuzenbo. Since, like all Yokai, Kappas are invisible to the human eye, Kato Kiyomasa called upon the help of monkeys to defeat Kuzenbo.

Kuzenbo and his clan moved to Kumamoto and became deities worshipped at the Chikugo River. Kuzenbo also had a rival known as the Neneko Kappa. She controlled all the Kappas in the east, while Kuzenbo controlled all the kappas in the west. They once fought over control of a particular river, and Kuzenbo lost the battle, surrendering the river to the Neneko Kappa.

Modern Depictions

  • Kuzenbo appears as a playable character in the game Smite. He can summon the Neneko Kappa to be his ally in battle.


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