Kid Icarus is a video game series based on Greek mythology. The games focus on a young, flightless angel named "Pit".

Kid Icarus story

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There once existed a land where humans and gods co-existed peacefully. This land was called Angel Land. Angel Land was ruled by two beautiful goddesses: Palutena, goddess of light, and Medusa, goddess of darkness. Palutena loved and cared for the humans, but Medusa despised them. In her hatred, she destroyed their crops and turned them to stone. Enraged, Palutena turned Medusa into a hideous monster and banished her to the Underworld. Medusa wouldn't go without a fight. She started building an army of monsters and demons. With the army, she broke out of the Underworld and waged a war against Palutena's army. Palutena's suffered many casualties and Palutena herself was imprisoned in the Palace in the Sky.

Meanwhile, Pit was trapped in the Underworld. Using the last of her power, Palutena granted Pit a magical bow and entrusted him to safe Angel Land, To do this, Pit would have to reclaim the Three Sacred Treasures, These powerful items rightfully belong to Palutena but were stolen by Medusa to give to her three most powerful minions. Pit would have to escape from the Underworld. Also Pit will have to travel through the two other realms, the Overworld and Skyworld before reaching The Palace in the Sky.


Of Myth and Monsters

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One night, Palutena was startled by a horrible dream. In it, her beloved Angel Land was under attack by an army of demons. She summoned a soothsayer, who told her that this was not a dream. It would soon come to pass down that a demon by the name of Orcos would soon attack Angel Land.

Palutena quickly summoned the hero, Pit, and told him of the crisis at hand. She then sent to obtain the Three Sacred Treasures (the Wings of Pegasus, the Silver Armor, and the Arrow of Light) while also becoming stronger so that he may be worthy of using them when Orcos finally attacks.




Medusa has been revived, and once again attempt to eradicate the humans while trying to take revenge on Pit and Palutena. Upon learning of this, Palutena has recalled her most loyal servant, Pit, to stop Medusa and her Underworld Army, and restore peace to Skyworld once more. Along the way, Pit will encounter many new characters and enemies in the greatly extended Kid Icarus universe.




Image Character Appearance(s) Description
1000px-Medusa Uprising Medusa Kid Icarus, Uprising Main antagonist of the first game and first half of Uprising.
Hades (Kid Icarus Uprising) Hades Uprising Main antagonist of Uprising. Sought to start a war amongst the mortals that would kill all of them. True leader of the Underworld army. Resurrected Medusa for his plans.
200px-Pandora artwork Pandora Kid Icarus, Uprising Goddess of Calamity. Gatekeeper to Skyworld's fortress.
200px-PoseidonArt Poseidon Uprising God of the Sea. Helped Pit and Palutena by opening up to the sea so they could access the Seafloor Palace.
200px-Thanatos artwork Thanatos Kid Icarus, Uprising Originally named Tanatos and apart of Medusa as a snake on her head. Medusa's second-in-command.
UranosPict Uranos Kid Icarus Sided with Medusa in her quest to overthrow Palutena.
ZeusPict Zeus Kid Icarus, Of Myths and Monsters Trained Pit in the first two games.
MinotaurPict Minotaur Of Myths and Monsters Is one of the three guardians that Palutena assigned to protect the Sacred Treasures and keep them safe from Orco.


Image Location Appearance(s) Description
Underworld in Kid Icarus Underworld Kid Icarus, Uprising, Of Myth and Monsters Pit starts his quest at the Underworld.
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