In the Philippine Mythology, The Kibaan are fair-skinned humanoids with backwards feet, and their mouths gleam with gold teeth. They have long hair that reaches their feet, but are only as big as a two-year old child (around 3ft., 50lbs). They can be found in the Bangar tree, in bushes and small trees frequented by “alitaptap” or fireflies at night.

By its frustration, it is kept in a mortal’s yard. It keeps the ground under its tree home well swept. It has a kitchen where a spicy odor emanates from after sunset. It sings in small groups on vines in groves while strumming tiny guitars. The Kibaan steal yams from fires, but is fooled by stones roasted in place of the tubers. It gives mortal friends a magic pot, purse, hat, net chain, goat, whip and/or drum. These are similar to those made by the Pallocs. Example, Magic Pot never empties of food.
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