Kanaloa is the Hawaiian god of the ocean, associated with long-distance voyaging, and healing. Compared to Kane, Lono and Ku, not much information is known. Hawaiian traditions describe Kanaloa as a companion of Kāne, describing them as complementary powers.

In Mythology

Kanaloa is known as Kāne’s traveling partner. Kanaloa is said to be tall with a fair-skinned complexion. Kāne is darker, with curly hair and thick lips. These two gods are well known as ʻawa drinkers and for establishing sources of water. Some say Kanaloa would point out the source, and Kāne would bring forth the water. Kāne and Kanaloa are also known as growers of maiʻa.

Kanaloa and Kāne are paired together in other work as well. In building a waʻa (canoe), Kāne is invoked, while Kanaloa, lord of ocean winds, is invoked in sailing the waʻa. The northern limit of the sun’s seasonal travel is called "ke alanui polohiwa a Kāne" ("the dark path of Kāne"); its southern limit is "ke alanui polohiwa a Kanaloa" ("the dark path of Kanaloa").

In stories, Kanaloa and Kāne build fishponds and end famine. They even test the integrity of people they meet in their travels.


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