Journey into Mystery is an american comic book series published by Marvel Comics and formerly by Atlas Comics, which featured monsters, horror stories, science fiction and mythical stories.

Journey into Mystery issue #83, first appearance of Thor

The series introduced in issue #83 the godly superhero Thor, who is based on the mythical Norse god of the same name.


Featured characters

  • Thor, the god of thunder, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, his creation is based on the Norse god of the same name.
  • Loki, the God of mischief and the long time antagonist of his brother Thor. He has recently reincarnated in a young boy, and works for been a better god and a better person, trying to do good and fixing all the disasters he is responsible for.
  • Odin, the all-father king of Asgard, father of Thor, and adoptive father of Loki.

Other characters


From issue #83 and on, Journey into Mystery based it's storylines in the Norse mythology's pantheon, mainly on the norse gods Thor and Loki.

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