The Jersey Devil is a legendary beast that is said to inhabit the area known as the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, located in the United States. It's commonly seen as a horned, kangaroo-like creature with a goat's head, leathered wings that resemble those of a bat's, small arms with clawed hands, and hooves that are clovened, along with a forked tail.


While there are many told origins for the Jersey Devil, the earliest legends date back to Native American folklore. The Lenni Lanape tribes referred to the area around the Barren Pines as "Popuessing", meaning "place of the dragon". Swedish explorers later named "Drake kill", drake translating to dragon and kill meaning arm of the sea.


One of the beasts many origins trace back to the Leeds family, who all lived in a New Jersey city (the story setting has been said to be one of several cities in the state, whichever one it is still up to debate), which consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Leeds and their 12 children, Mrs. Leeds became pregnant with her 13th and many believe believe she was cursed to give birth to a devil for the mistreatment of a minister, or she just got what she wanted when she said "I hope it's a devil".

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