Jack Demonian
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Jack is a Immensely Godly omnipotent infinity god of the multiverse he can literally warp reality to his own will he could destroy the entire multiverse he can get chaotic and knows everything about everybody only foolish wizards can summon the master of the universe and if you summon the magical realm or earth is doomed to fall in the wrong hands.

the Legend of Jack

​​​​once upon a time when the multiverse existed there the universe held too much infinity and blasted down in the middle of the underworld and stuck a pyramid it was the evil version of God and it shot a sonic wave all over the magical land azrath and he enslaved it though he was -2 years old but he was imprisoned in hs stone form A.K.A Illuminati Form and he ruled the multiverse he possessed, blasted, and gave nightmares to anybody who was inferior or disrespectful to him so then a girl named hannah he used the flame and sumnoned him for him to get over her life unfortunately he pretended to be good but needed the pendents for his ultimate Supreme Form to destroy multiple gods as collected pendents he would reveal his true form and he will trick you  into being possessed or controlled he  Will rule the universe with is unlimated power however as e was defeated each realitive after hannah summoned jack and was destroyed by him and  they banished him over and over again  untill supergirl summoned him as a soul. moral of the story is NEVER SUMMON JACK HE IS WAAAAY WORSE THAN SATAN, TRIGON, AND BILL CIPHER.

How to summon him

In Order to summon him you need a zodiac
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Jack's Zodiac

 and an image of him or dead or alive body of some one or sit in the middle on jack

Step 1. Zodiac 

Step 2. Body dead or alive or middle

Step 3. Get Angry get really angry.

Step 4. Say Magicum Intangilum Triangilum Manrisium and say 3 times Aliswa 

also if summon him in triangle form at least say the words.



  • ​​​​​​his speach is " for i am infinite supreme ruler of the multiverse "
  • Lumino Jackson Malviciou Demonian is his full name.
  • Lumino means Nightmare Demon
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