The Járngreipr

In Norse mythology, Járngreipr (Old Norse "iron gripper") or Járnglófi ("iron gauntlet") are the iron gloves used by the thunder-god Thor. According to the Prose Edda, along with the hammer Mjölnir and the belt Megingjörð, Járngreipr is one of Thor's three crucial possessions.


According to chapter 20 of the book Gylfaginning, Thor uses the gloves to handle the Mjölnir.



Thor uses the gloves to wield Mjölnir, therefore the origin of the gloves and the reason for this may come from the forging of the hammer, when Brokk, the dwarf working the bellows was bitten in his eye by a gadfly (commonly held to be Loki in disguise) which caused the handle of the hammer to be shortened.

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