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Morpheus and Iris

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Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow. She is a messenger of the gods and is in the employ of Hera, as Hermes serves Zeus. Her parents are both sea deities; Thaumas and Electra. Iris is sometimes the sister of the Harpies; Aello, Podarge, Celaeno and Ocypete. Another of her sisters is Arke, the messenger goddess of the Titans. Iris has golden wings, while Arke's wings are iridescent. Epithets ascribed to her include "chrysopteron" (golden-winged) and "Thaumantias" (daughter of Thaumas).

In Mythology

In The Iliad she is sent by Zeus to Poseidon to tell him to stop interfering with the Trojan War.

In Popular Culture

  • The word iridescent is derived from her name
  • The part of the eye known as the iris is derived from her name
  • The iris plant is named after her
  • The element Iridium (Ir) is name after her
  • An asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter is named after Iris
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