In Romanian mythology, a ior (aslo yorr) is depicted as large, clever and industrious creature. Iors are rarely presented in Romanian mythology and folklore.

In mythology iors are described as very large and tall and having a big head, less hair (some iors have long hair), color skin turquoise and green, strong body, hunter, skilled worker, also communicate telepathicaly. Sometimes iors are compared with ogres. There are three types of iors. First is the iors who lives in a tribe, lead by the head of the tribe. Second is the rebel ior who was banished from the tribe because he had a bad soul. Third is the wanderer ior who never belonged to any tribe.


The ior of the tribe

In mythology it is said that the ior of the tribe lives in the forest in the mountain area of Romania. They eat just meat, onion, tomatoes and soups. The potato is a poisonous food for iors. It is said that iors feel the soul of the bad humans, they take humans with bad soul as prisoners and takes them to the head of the tribe who clear their memory and turns them into iors. Iors are a peaceful tribe, but when they are invaded or attacked they become ruthless but honorable warriors. Iors are also miners looking for gold. They bury their gold and keep it safe to not be stolen. The iors who are less intelligents are sent as servants for dwarfs and fairies. The iors loves the animals and defends them. 

The rebel ior

When the rebel iors are banished from the tribe a ceremony is made. Iors takes all of his teeths out of his mouth and they make a chain with them. When the chain is put at the throat of the rebel, the head of the tribe puts a spell in which he takes the telepathic power of the rebel ior and if he ever tries to take the chain off the throat he will die. The rebel iors are banished to live in the wasteland alongside trolls. The rebel ior is the opposite of ior of the tribe, the rebel iors are lazy and wicked but are intelligents as the simple iors. Few months after the rebel ior was exiled, even bigger teeth will grow.

The wanderer ior

The wanderer iors are traveling all around the world, they never belonged to any tribe. The wanderer ior digs a pit in which he sleeps. Not much is known about the wanderer iors.


Mythology and Folklore

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