Ino as Leucothea

Ino, also known as Leucothea, was the daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia. She was a member of the royal house of Thebes, and sister to Semele, Agave, Autonoe and Polydorus. She was the second wife of king Athamas of Boeotia. When Ino and her sisters helped to raise Dionysus, they earned the ire of Hera, who cursed Athamas with insanity. He killed Ino's first son, Learches, and then drove her and their second son, Melicertes, out of the palace. She attempted to commit suicide with her son by jumping into the ocean, but Poseidon changed them into marine deities; Ino as Leucothea and Melicertes as Palaimon. In this form, she saved Odysseus' life when he was drowning.

Preceded by:
Queen of Orchomenus
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