Hanuman is a Hindu god. He is the god of strength, courage, devotion, cleverness and a devotee of Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu. He aided Rama in the attack upon Ravana's realm. Hanuman is depicted with the face of a monkey. He is the son of Vayu. Hanuman made sure Sita was safe and was captured by Ravana's troops who brought him in front of Ravana. Hanuman taunted Ravana and Ravana had him tortured by setting his tail on fire. Hanuman broke free and used his tail to burn Lanka ( Ravana's kingdom) down. He aided Rama and Lakshmana in their war against Ravana and even brought an entire mountain from the Himalayas so Rama could use a herb to heal an injured Lakshmana. Hanuman became the bodyguard of Rama for the rest of Rama's life. Rama blessed Hanuman with immortality. After Rama's death, Hanuman retired to the Himalayas in meditation. He appeared on the chariot of Krishna, another avatar of Vishnu. Hanuman is said to always be available to devotees as long as the name of Rama is known on this earth.

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