The main Greek Wind Gods, or the Anemoi, were the first four children of the Titans Astraeus and Eos. They were the older siblings of the Astra Planeta. They were renamed in Roman mythology. Their female counterpart called Aellae.

Main Wind Gods


Boreas was the North Wind and god of Winter as Kheimon. He was the husband of Oreithiya and father of Chione, goddess of the snow. His sons were Argonauts and he lived in Thrace. The Romans renamed him Aquilo.


Notus is the South Wind and a god of Summer as Theron. He resided in Aethiopia. The Romans called him Auster.


Zephyrus was the West Wind and god of Spring as Eiar. As god of springtime, he was the husband of Chloris (goddess of greenery) and father of Carpus (the god of fruit). He resided somewhere in Iberia, near the Garden of the Hesperides. He was renamed in Roman myth as Favonius.


Eurus was the East Wind and Autumn as Phthinoporon. He resided near the palace of Helios in Anatolia. The Romans called him Vulturnus.

Other Wind Deities


Kaikas was the northeast wind. He was known in Roman myth as Caecus.


Apeilotus was the southeast wind. The Romans knew him as Subsolanus.


Skeiron was the northwest wind. The Romans knew him as Corus.


Lips was the god of the southwest wind. In Roman myth, he was renamed Africus.


Aura was a daughter of Oceanus and was the goddess of breezes. She was sometimes split into multiple nymphs; the Aurae.

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