Endymion was a hunter and the king of Elis who was loved by moon goddess Selene. He was the son Aithlios and Kalyke he was also founded the city of Elis with the aid of some Aeolian colonists from Thessaly. Eventually Endymion became a shepherd in Caria where he would met the goddess Selene the two fell in love. Over the years Endymion was given a vision his death so he had his three sons racer against each other the winer would claim their father's throne. Knowing that Endymion was mortal and knowing that he would die Selene asked for Zeus to make Endymion immortal and to give him eternal youth.

Zeus granted Selene's wish Endymion was placed in eternal slumber. He was placed at Mount Latmus where the titan goddess Selene would come visit him every night.

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