The Dip is a vampiric hellhound originating from catalonian mythology. This myth is strongly tied to the catalonian village of Pratdip, and is hypothesized to have started as a hoax to stop drunks from wandering at night.

Myths & Legends

Dips are vampiric in nature, attacking cattle and humans at night and sucking their blood, although some myths replace this by having the dips dimember their victims before drinking their blood.

The causes fo the gradual disappearance of dips during the 19th century is unknown, given that no one ever managed to kill or capture a dip, and some people point at divine intervention through Saint Marina being the likely cause.


Dips take the form of big, black furred hairy dogs, yet are only visible in the dark due to their red, glowing eyes. As with most other catalonian myths featuring demons, dips are lame in one leg, if not outright missing a leg, although modern interpretations favor having all legs intact.


This myth appeared, at most late, during the 14th century, eventually naming the local village Pratdip, "Dip meadow", and making it's way into Pratdip's coat of arms.

Dips also made their way into the nearby chapel of Saint Marina, showing up as decoration, and eventually the statue to this saint was held atop four dip statues, symbolizing that God would prevail over this monster, and strengthening the idea that this was the cause dips were finally disappearing. Sadly, both this statue and some decorations featuring dips were lost in 1936, during the Spanish Civil War.


Current theories for the origin of this myth point at it being a hoax to prevent the drunk from wandering at night, as the myth often reinforced the idea that drunks were the dips favorite meal. Another theory claims the myth started from wild dogs attacking cattle, or even both theories working in unison.

Similar and Related myths

  • The Pesanta, a catalonian sleep paralysis myth involving a black dog.
  • The Black Shuck, a similar demonic dog in english mythology.
  • The Chupacabra, a similar vampiric cryptid in american culture.



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