Diana is the Roman name for the Greek goddess Artemis. Like her Greek counterpart, she is one of a pair of twins born to Jupiter (Greek: Zeus) and Latona (Greek: Leto). Her twin brother was Apollo. She was a virgin goddess who preferred to stay on Earth, roaming the wilderness with her nymph companions, suiting her role as goddess of the hunt. She was also the goddes of the moon and childbirth. The name Diana is cognate to Zeus, Dyaus and Jupiter.

Diana is also heavily related to the goddesses Trivia and Luna (Roman Selene), as originally they were aspects of Diana herself - a triple goddess through and through. During the middle ages and because of the goddess's relation to women and to the underworld through her aspect (Trivia), she became an icon for witches and there were even new myths written about her by modern wiccans and pagans - such as the story of Aradia.

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