Demigods are the offspring of gods and mortals, meaning one of their parent was a god and other a mortal. Demigod means half-god, technically meaning a demigod is a god/human hybrid. They are also commonly referred to as half-bloods. They are most prominent in Greek and Roman Mythology.


Demigods are born when a god forms a relationship with a mortal. They sometimes retain physical traits from their divine parents, like hair and eye color, or personality traits, like cunning or bravery.


Demigods often have powers or knowledge associated with their godly parent's domain of control. Their abilities are never as powerful as their parents' though, but they are still powerful enough to make them superior to normal mortals.

List of Demigods in Greek Mythology

In Popular Culture

In Film

  • The demigod Hercules appears in many films, most notably the eponymous Disney film, and the 2015 action film of the same name starring Dwayne Johnson.
  • Perseus appears in the film Clash of the Titans, and the sequel Wrath of the Titans.
  • Demigods are the main focus of the films The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters, which are adaptions of the books by Rick Riordan.

In Literature

  • The Percy Jackson book series by Rick Riordan revolves around modern day Greek demigods and their struggle to live in a world full of hidden dangers. The demigods all attend a summer camp called Camp Half-Blood, run by the centaur Chiron and the god Dionysus.

List of Demigods in Other Mythologies

Hindu Mythology

Mesopotamian Mythology

Irish Mythology

  • Aoife (daughter of The Morrígan)
  • Cú Chulainn (son of Lugh)
  • Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (son of Donn, foster son of Aengus)
  • Mongán mac Fiachnai (son of Manannán mac Lir)
  • Nia Segamain (son of Flidais)
  • Scáthach (daughter of The Morrígan)

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