280px-Virgil Solis - Myrrha Cinyras

Cinyras and Myrrh

The Cypriots were the resident of Cyprus, near Anatolia


  1. Amathous, son of Heracles
  2. Astynous, son-in-law of Amathous
  3. Sandocus, son of Astynous
  4. Eurymedon, son of Sandocus
  5. Paphus, son of Eurymedon
  6. Cinyras, son of Paphus, promised 50 ships but sent only 1 ship (containing 49 clay model ships) to aid Agamemnon, father of Myrrh, father/grandfather of Adonis due to an incestuous relationship with his daughter
  7. Mygdalion, son of Cinyras
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