Cratus and Delphine by Pickyme

Illustration of Cratus and Delphine

In Greek mythology, Cratos was a son of the Titan Pallas (not to be confused with Pallas Athena) and the goddess Styx. He was the personification of strength and power. Cratos had three siblings: Nike ("victory"), Bia ("force"), and Zelus ("zeal"). They were often depicted as winged protectors of Zeus.

The name is derived from the common noun Κράτος, meaning "force", "strength", or "power". The spellings "Cratus" and "Kratos" are also used.

Cratos has become one of  Greek mythology's most famous characters thanks to his protagonistic position in the God of War video game series, however his video game counterpart contradicts most of his mythological history.

In Mythology

Cratos was the son of Styx and Pallas . He was brother of Nike, Bia and Zelus. He represented power. He was a servant and ally of Zeus during the Titanomachy , opposing his father and many of his uncles. He was eventually rewarded by becoming the guard of Zeus' throne. He, along with Bia and his cousin Hephaestus, bound the Titan Prometheus on a rock for stealing fire.


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