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Sisyphus rolls a boulder up a hill as eternal punishment

The Corinthians were the people of Corinth, in the area between the Peloponessus and Attica.



  1. Bunus, son of Hermes
  2. Epopeus, son-in-law of Bunus
  3. Corinthus, son of Bunus
  4. Polybus, son of Corinthus
  5. Creon, son of Polybus


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Bellerophon rides Pegasus and kills the Chimera

  1. Sisyphus, maternal grandson of Polybus, son of Aeolus of Iolcus
  2. Glaucus, son of Sisyphus
  3. Bellerophon, son of Glaucus, famous hero who killed the Chimaera whilst riding Pegasus, son-in-law of Iobates of Lycia
  4. Ornytion, son of Sisyphus, also king of Phocis
  5. Thoas, son of Ornytion
  6. Damophon, son of Thoas
  7. Propadas, son of Damophon
  8. Dordas, son of Propadas


  1. Aletus, grandson of Iolaus, nephew of Heracles
  2. Ixion, son of Aletus
  3. Agelus, son of Ixion
  4. Prymnes, son of Agelus
  5. Baccus, son of Prymnes

The descendants of Baccus, the historical Bachiadae, ruled Corinth for many years

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