Cephalus was the son of Hermes and Herse he was married to Procris. He was also loved by Eos goddess of the dawn who was cursed by Aphrodite to fall in love with any man she sees but could never be with them. Because Cephalus was married Eos kidnapped him so he would stay with her and he he would love her.  Cephalus was faithful to his wife so Eos released he because she knew he would never love her. After he was abducted by the titan goddess Eos Cephalus decided to test how faithful his wife was by seeing if she would fall in love with someone else Procris almost gave into the temptation. So Cephalus went into the forest to become a hunter for Artemis when Procris learned of this she asked the hunting goddess to give her some gifts so her husband would return to her. The goddess give her a spear that never misses and a dog that always catchesit's pry.

Cephalus accepted the gifts and took his wife back however Procris thought that her husband was cheating on her. So she fallows him into the woods hides in the bushes and spies him. Cephalus hears the rustling in the bushes and thinks that it's an animal. The spear that never misses hit it's target but Cephalus was shocked to see it was his wife not an animal. Procris told Cephalus how she thought he was cheating on her but now she knew how faithful he was to her she apologized to him. Cephalus was heart broken so he exiled himself on the Ionian islands. He never recovered from Procris death so he jumped off a cliff to be reunited with his wife forever in death.

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