Beyla (possibly meaning "cow", "bean" or "bee") was a servant of Freyr in Norse mythology. She and her husband Byggvir, attended the banquet of the gods (as portrayed in the Lokasenna), hosted by Ægir. There, she exchanges insults with Loki, who had recently insulted Sif.

In the Lokasenna

Beyla only appears in the Lokasenna;


"The mountains shake,
and surely I think
From his home comes Hlórriði9 now;
He will silence the man
who is slandering here
Together both gods and men."


"Be silent, Beyla!
thou art Byggvir's wife,
And deep art thou steeped in sin;
A greater shame
to the gods came ne'er,
Befouled thou art with thy filth."

After this, Thor bursts in and threatens Loki, prompting him to flee.

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