In ancient Tagalog theology, Bathala (or Batala), was the supreme being and omnipotent creator of the universe. Antonio de Morga, among others, thought Bathala meant an omen bird, but the author of the manuscript known as the Boxer Code, advises not to use it in this sense because it was not considered God but his messenger. After the arrival of the Spanish missionaires, Batala became identified with God, thus becoming synonymous with Diyos, or Dibino.


Bathala is a loving and benevolent god, a trait that has existed before the arrival of Spanish Missionaries. His love for mankind was said to be so great that at times he spoils them. Despite his immense love for mankind and his many other creations (such as the Diwatas), he is not afraid to also punish or make others feel his almighty wrath. He is capable of easily conjuring disasters, be it famines of floods, to punish mankind for any possible transgression.

And if necessary, he even fights. During the first few days of the newborn universe, he would duel with Ulilang Kaluluwa (orphaned spirit), proving he is not afraid of battle.


  • Bathala's tendency to spoil mankind with his love and care, and later his pairing with the Christian God has lead to the saying "Bahala na ang Diyos" which means (Leave it to God).

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