The Athenians were the name given to the Achaeans (Greeks) native to the city of Athens and the region of Attica.

Rulers of Attica and Athens

Cecrops I


  1. Actaeus, autochthonous


  1. Cecrops I, autochthonous, son-in-law of Actaeus, married to Agraulos


  1. Cranaus, autochthonous, son-in-law of Actaeus, married to Atthis


  1. Amphictyon , son of Deucalion and Pyrrha, son-in-law of Cranaus, married to his unknown daughter


  1. Erichthonius, autochthonous, usurped the throne from Amphictyon

    Aegeus, recognizes Theseus as his son

  2. Pandion I, son of Erichthonius
  3. ​Erectheus, son of Pandion I
  4. Cecrops II, son of Pandion I, brother of Erectheus
  5. Pandion II, son of Cecrops II, 
  6. ​Metion, son of Erectheus, usurped the throne from Pandion II, father of the famous architect-hero Daedalus
  7. ​​Aegeus, son of Pandion II usurped the throne from Metion, brother of Lycus , king of Lycia
  8. ​​Theseus, adopted son of Aegeus and Aethra, son of Poseidon and Aethra
  9. Menestheus, son of Peteus, grand-son of Orneus, great-grandson of Metion
  10. Demophon, son of Theseus
  11. Oxyntes, son of Demophon
  12. ​​Apheidas, son of Oxyntes
  13. Thymoetes, son of Oxyntes, brother of Apheidas


  1. Melanthus, son of Paeon, grandson of Antilochus, great-grandson of King Nestor of Messenia, also King of Messenia before he fled
  2. Codrus , son of Melanthus, last king of Athens, sacrificed himself to save Attica from the Heraclids
  3. Medon , son of Codrus, succeeded him as first Archon of Athens, rather than King. First historical Archon of Athens

Notable Heroes

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