The Astra Planeta depicted diving into the endless ocean with Helios riding his chariot.

The Astra Planeta were the children of Eos and Astraeus. They were the younger siblings of the Anemoi. They symbolized the classical planets, with the exception of Earth, the Sun and Moon. Uranus and Neptune are not included, as they are invisible to the naked eye and were thus unknown to the ancient Hellenic peoples.


Stilbon was the god of the planet of Hermes - Mercury. His name meant "glittering".


Eosphorus was the god of the planet of Aphrodite - Venus, the Evening Star. His name meant "dawn-bringer".


Pyroeis was the god of planet of Ares - Mars. He was also called Mesonyx (from middle-night), the Midnight Star. His name meant "fiery".


Phaethon was originally the son of Apollo and a queen of Aethiopia. After his disastrous attempt at driving the solar chariot, he was struck down by Zeus and placed into the sky as the god of Zeus' planet - Jupiter. His name meant "blazing".


Phainon was the god of the planet of Cronus - Saturn. His name meant "shining".

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