Agenor (Ἀγήνωρ in Ancient Greek), was a Phoenician in Greek mythology, and a king of Tyre. His brother was Belus. He was the ancestor of many kings of Thebes, Phoenicia and Cilicia . He was one of the many children of the god of the seas; Poseidon. His sons were Cadmus, ancestor of the Theban kings, Cilix, ancestor of the Cilician kings and Phoenix, ancestor of the Phoenician kings. His daughter became ancestress of the Cretan kings by Zeus, who abducted her.


Inachid Genealogy in Greek mythology
After Eurystheus, the kingdom of Mycenae passed to the Atreids in the person of Atreus After Cylabares, the kingdom of Argos passed to the Atreids of Mycenae in the person of Orestes (Atreus' grandson)

In Popular Culture


Preceded by:
None (Title Created)
King of Phoenicia
Succeeded by
Phoenix (King)
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